Fugitive’s Alias to Stay on Posters

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From Times Wire Reports

The name Rafael Resendez-Ramirez will remain on wanted posters for an alleged serial killer, even though the FBI confirmed that is just one of many aliases. Don K. Clark, special agent in charge of the Houston bureau and head of the task force pursuing the man linked to eight slayings in three states, said the suspect borrowed the Resendez-Ramirez name from his uncle. His real name is Angel Leoncio Reyes Recendis, according to a birth certificate, 39 years old, born in Mexico. Clark said the important thing is his picture because that is how he will be recognized.


Rafael Resendez-Ramirez was later determined to be an alias. Stories July 14-29, 1999 use the name Angel Maturino Resendez; stories after July 29, 1999 use the spelling Angel Maturino Resendiz.

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