Who Freed Monica From Her Big Hair?


Who did Monica's hair and makeup? That was one question left unanswered after an estimated 70 million watched Barbara Walters interview Monica Lewinsky on ABC-TV's "20/20" Wednesday night.

Hairstylist Richard Keogh and makeup artist Denise Markey gave Lewinsky a soft and natural look for the interview. Over the last year or so, Americans have seen Lewinsky transformed from a free-spirited intern from Beverly Hills with big hair to a young woman with a more sleek and sophisticated look.

Reached in New York by phone on Thursday, Keogh said he was attracted to Lewinsky's "light, her blue eyes and white teeth." His goal was to lighten up her face. For the "20/20" interview, he cut her hair and then used a hair iron to flatten it, protecting it with a spray gel.

"She's strong and she doesn't need to be overpowered by hair or makeup," Keogh said. "We love her so much."

Keogh, as of Thursday, is represented by Atlantis in New York and Cloutier in Los Angeles, had met Lewinsky on a Vanity Fair shoot. Markey used Club Monaco makeup on Lewinsky--Glaze lipstick, Bare lip liner and Bronze eye shadow, according to a spokeswoman for Art & Commerce, the New York agency which provided the stylists for Lewinsky.

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