Ventura Orders Study of Metrolink Station


The Ventura City Council has voted to explore putting a Metrolink station in the city.

The study was proposed by the Public Works Department as part of a larger plan to improve local transportation. With the council’s approval, city staff will look at three potential sites for the station: Montalvo, where two Metrolink trains are stored at night; the Amtrak station near the fairgrounds, and near the intersection of North Bank Drive and Montgomery Avenue.

Each potential station will be evaluated based on available parking, traffic, noise, lighting and rider safety, as well as costs for the construction of a platform and associated facilities.


Public Works Director Ron Calkins said he recommended the study because cities pay a share for the service based on population, not ridership. For the 1998-99 fiscal year, Ventura paid $55,552.

Calkins suggested using the Amtrak station because there is a platform and parking, and no additional construction funds would be needed. But operating costs might increase because the station would be further away from the Montalvo layover area.