Amnesty and Illegal Immigration

According to what passes for logic in Frank del Olmo’s “Latinos Want Substance in the Form of Amnesty” (Commentary, Aug. 15), here is the deal:

* First, keep your U.S. borders open to illegal immigration.

* Every five to 10 years, press for amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

* After screaming that it is racism to control U.S. borders, watch the politicians fall all over themselves in order to get the votes from those citizens who were previously granted amnesty. Who says that the U.S. is not for sale?


In the meantime, noncitizens of Mexico cannot own land there. Furthermore, dual citizenship is like polygamy--the latter being illegal under our laws. On our present course, can we survive the next 200 years as a unified nation?



* Re “Immigration Rights Leaders to Press Case for Amnesty,” Aug. 10: If I understand this correctly, these individuals, who openly aid and abet illegal immigrants, who in turn are openly violating our laws, want us to give them amnesty?

Well, why don’t we give Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski amnesty? For that matter, Bill Clinton, too; he’s going to need it.

Amnesty? We should be giving them judicial process, followed by jail time, for conspiracy against the U.S., its people and its laws.


Long Beach