Bid to Deny Bush Texas’ Votes Fails

From Reuters

A federal judge rejected a lawsuit Friday that sought to block Texas’ 32 electoral college delegates from voting for Texas Gov. George W. Bush and his running mate, Dick Cheney, in the presidential election because of a constitutional requirement that the two be residents of different states.

U.S. District Judge Sidney Fitzwater said in his ruling that the plaintiffs had no legal standing to file the suit and rejected their argument that Cheney’s move to Wyoming from Dallas in June was a ruse to get around the constitutional rule.

“For the reasons set out . . . it is ordered and adjudged that plaintiffs’ action is dismissed without prejudice,” the judgment read. The ruling can be appealed.


The lawsuit could have had serious consequences for Bush’s hopes of winning the White House even if he is awarded Florida’s contested 25 electoral votes. If Bush were to lose the Texas votes, Democrat Al Gore would have the majority needed to win the presidency.

The suit, filed by three Texas voters, sought a restraining order on the Texas electors before the electoral college meets Dec. 18.