Gays on School Bookshelves

* Professors of education and potential teachers should be given sensitivity and anti-homophobic training before they are allowed to teach (“Books on Gays Yanked at School; Suit Follows,” Dec. 22).

The narrow-minded teacher (not of English, one hopes) at the Orangeview Junior High School who objected to perfectly respectable books about distinguished gays should be ousted from the classroom and given such training before being allowed to continue teaching.

School district officials who have removed these books could well profit from the same training. What kind of model for understanding, tolerance and diversity are they providing future American citizens by their misguided actions? They are on a par with those who temporarily prevented the establishment of gay support groups in an Orange high school.



Professor of English, Emeritus

Cal State Long Beach


Regarding the American Civil Liberties Union suing Anaheim Union High School District over the removal of gay-themed biographies from the Orangeview Junior High School library:


Only in America can an organization dedicated to preserving the rights of citizens sue schoolchildren. My thanks to the ACLU for diverting taxpayer money and resources allocated for the education of children to benefit its own agenda. It demonstrates exactly how much liberals care about public education.

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