Bedell Elementary Changes to Uniforms


Students at Bedell Elementary School will return to classes in the fall dressed alike.

The school is the last campus in the Santa Paula Elementary School District to convert to uniforms.

District and school administrators say the positive response of parents and most students has been overwhelming, and uniforms have become the dress code of choice in kindergarten through eighth grade.

“Research has proved that wearing uniforms allows students to focus and leaves more time for academics,” said Bedell Principal Doug Armstrong. “It raises school spirit, aids in campus security, helps with acceptance of students no matter what their economic status and emphasizes who you are, not what you wear.”


Uniforms at Bedell will be dark blue dresses, pants or skirts and collared shirts, including polo shirts of solid color or Bedell school shirts.

The uniform dress code was introduced on a voluntary basis at Grace Thille Elementary School in 1996 and at Barbara Webster Elementary School in 1997, said Louise Platt, district assistant superintendent.

The uniform policy was later adopted by Blanchard, Glen City and McKevett elementary schools and Isbell Middle School.

“Teachers in the district tell me that the school uniform policy has brought greater discipline and unity to their schools and fewer trips by students to the principal’s office because of misbehavior,” Platt said. “The introduction of the uniform policy has been received very well by students and parents.”