Nader Accepts Green Party’s Nomination

From Associated Press

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader was nominated Sunday as the Green Party’s presidential candidate, a party he said represents majority values including a fair marketplace, a clean environment and proper health care.

Nader promised a vigorous campaign and said he believes he has a chance to win elections and force the two major political parties to listen to his issues.

In his acceptance speech, Nader said the party stands for conservative goals and can “help shape the world’s course to one of justice and peace for years to come.”


“Don’t conservatives, in contrast to corporationists, want movement toward a safe environment, toward ending corporate welfare and the commercialization of childhood?” he asked.

Nader said the Green Party is moving into mainstream politics and he does not care if his campaign for president hurts Texas Gov. George W. Bush or Vice President Al Gore.

In a wide-ranging news conference before the nomination, Nader urged the two major parties to open the presidential debates to all candidates who qualify for federal matching campaign funds.

The Commission on Presidential Debates is limiting participation to candidates with at least 15% support in national polls, which would exclude Nader and the Reform Party’s Patrick J. Buchanan, both of whom are in single digits in the surveys.