Faithful to ‘Fidelity’s’ Humor


One of the running jokes in the new Touchstone comedy “High Fidelity” is that the lead character (played by John Cusack) and his two slacker buddies make Top 5 lists of everything (best relationship breakups, best breakup songs, best post-breakup songs). So the party planners for the Tuesday night post-premiere party at the Sunset Room in Hollywood ran with the conceit and offered up Top 5 potato dishes (mashed was the most popular), meat dishes, vegetable dishes and so on.

The mostly young crowd included “Fidelity” co-stars Lisa Bonet, Iben Hjejle, Sara Gilbert, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Todd Louiso as well as Marisa Tomei, musician Dave Navarro, Cusack’s “Say Anything” co-star Ione Skye, Bonet’s “A Different World” co-star Cree Summer, Jerry O’Connell, Harvey Keitel, Owen Wilson, director Mike Figgis, Bridget Moynahan and Izabella Miko of the upcoming movie “Coyote Ugly” and “Fidelity” director Stephen Frears (who previously directed Cusack in the edgy 1990 film “The Grifters”).

And the fashion statement of the night belonged not to Cusack, who looked spiffy in his trademark all-black ensemble, or even to Bonet, who wore a sexy taupe-colored lace dress, but to “Fidelity” co-writer Steve Pink, who donned a strange little hat not unlike the one worn by Kyle on “South Park.”