Remains Said to Be Native American’s

Skeletal remains found in an empty lot are those of a Native American who may have lived some 400 years ago, authorities said Thursday.

The bones were discovered by a construction crew laying the foundation for a new home in the 23000 block of Bluebird Drive. Among the remains dug up by a forensic archeologist were parts of fingers, a rib and a jawbone.

County coroners contacted the Native American Heritage Commission informing them the bones were those of a Native American.

The area where the bones were found was once heavily populated by members of the Tataviam and Chumash tribes. The neighborhood was later known as Park Moderne, a popular haven for artists and writers during the 1920s.


The Native American Heritage Commission is consulting descendants of the tribes in order to decide whether the bones should be kept at the site or reburied elsewhere.

“The descendant has a day or so to contact the owner of the property and work something out,” said Debbie Treadway, a commission spokeswoman.

Only a portion of the 11,000- square-foot lot was excavated. Property owner Jon Goldstein was told that the work will be supervised while digging is done for sewer lines in case more remains or artifacts are found.