Western State University College of Law announced Thursday that it may be sold to a publicly traded corporation that operates schools throughout the nation and Canada.

The university, across from Cal State Fullerton on State College Boulevard, is owned primarily by three individuals who, along with other shareholders, decided this week to enter into a sales agreement with Argosy Education Group Inc. of Chicago. Argosy owns and operates 17 campuses in four school groups in the United States and Canada.

Western State Dean Maryann Jones said the new ownership will help secure the university’s future, and could lead to expanded programs.


Before the sale is complete, it must pass approval of the American Bar Assn., the Western Assn. of Schools and Colleges and the U.S. Department of Education. Jones said that could take until February. Jones would not disclose terms of the proposed sale.

University officials said Western State, now in its 34th year, is the oldest law school in Orange County, and one of three law schools in the county certified by the American Bar Assn.