Subliminal ‘Rats’ Ad Draws Criticism


* It would be fair for George W. Bush to dismiss as “bizarre” allegations that his people inserted the “rats” subliminal message in his TV ad (Sept. 13). It would be fair, if it weren’t true. Unfortunately, it is true; the Bush campaign did it and got caught.

The only thing “bizarre” is how Bush plays the negative campaigning game, then sloughs off accountability. No more personal character assassination commercials against Al Gore either, please, GOP. Restore a decent level of civil discourse to this election.


Mountain View, Calif.


I’ve watched snippets of Dubya’s tarmac pronouncements and have been struck with his seeming inability to select correct words and make coherent sentences. Tuesday, responding to the “rats” controversy, he denied that “subliminable” advertising techniques were used. Never mind that the RNC has been made so desperate by the candidate’s repeated gaffes that they would stoop to such a prank. Shouldn’t we elect to the presidency a man who both understands and speaks the English language?



Los Angeles


One small example of subliminal brainwashing should just be forgotten; let’s move on. What we should be looking for is whether brainwashing has actually taken place. Keep your ear tuned to these signs: Is a large group of people chanting “the government can do no good”? How about “deregulation deregulation deregulation”? Listen for this one, “The local government can do it better.” If you hear this around you, you can be sure that brainwashing has taken place.


Costa Mesa