Looking for a Stormy Vacation Partner?

You might call this tour a cross between "Survivor" and the Discovery Channel. While most people try to avoid bad weather on vacation, the participants in Tempest Tours' "Storm Chasing Expeditions" will be looking for it. Led by a veteran climatologist, they will spend eight to 11 days (depending on the date) in May or June trolling in vans along so-called Tornado Alley in Texas, Oklahoma and other states.

While the odds of seeing "severe weather" in that period are "very high," a "significant tornado" occurs only about once every 10 days, says Martin Lisius, president of the startup company in Arlington, Texas.

On non-stormy days, guests will visit such sites as the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. Lodgings will be arranged on the fly. The price for all this fun starts at $1,900, excluding air fare. Tel. (817) 274-9313, http://www.tempesttours.com.

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