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Michael Mindlin writes of "Apocalypse Now": "It makes no sense whatsoever to send the Martin Sheen character up the Mekong River in a boat as it does in the novel" (Letters, Aug. 19).

By "novel," I guess Mindlin is referring to "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. Yes, it makes perfect sense. Even thought it is the '60s and a helicopter would be faster, anyone who reads Conrad knows: It is the journey, not the destination.




Ron Meszaros wrote on Aug. 12: "After Moises Kaufman's determined work in bringing the tragedy of Matthew Shepard into the world of theater, one can only hope he will use his same brilliance to spotlight the tragedy surrounding Irvine's Kenneth Teague, the former Boy Scout leader and Big Brother. He was convicted last month of 16 counts of molesting boys as young as 9 years old."

Did this strike anyone else as an odd pairing? A gay man beaten to death balanced against an alleged child molester? I can only hope Meszaros is an actor trying to inspire his next gig and didn't mean to imply that swinging the spotlight between these two individuals somehow constitutes "equal time."




Meszaros' letter is an ongoing example of the undying belief that gay men and only gay men are child molesters, despite overwhelming statistics that young women are more often the victims of child molestation by a heterosexual male they know, such as a parent, a relative or a family friend. I am appalled at Meszaros' unspoken but well-understood implication and that you would print such homophobic hysteria. Shame on both of you.


Studio City

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