Frank C. Mangione; Inspired Songs by Jazz Musician Son

Frank C. "Papa" Mangione, 91, subject of three of his jazz musician son Chuck's songs--"60 Miles Young," "70 Miles Young" and "Papa Mangione"--died Monday in Rochester, N.Y.

Mangione, the father of fluegelhorn ace Chuck Mangione and fellow jazz musician Gap Mangione, ran a grocery store for some two decades and spent the rest of his career with Eastman Kodak Co.

After his retirement from the photography firm in 1975, he toured the world with his son Chuck for the next 15 years, selling music and merchandise. His son publicly dedicated the three songs inspired by "Papa" to Mangione.

The son of Italian immigrants, Mangione was featured prominently in the 1942 best-selling book by his brother, Jerry, "Mount Allegro: A Memoir of Italian American Life."

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