Census Accountability


* Re “L.A. Sues in Effort to Get an Adjusted Census Count,” Feb. 22: It is appropriate that after successfully stealing the presidential election for George W. Bush by defending the undercount of minority groups, former Bush campaign chairman Donald Evans will now be in charge of interpreting our nation’s census count. As he will likely assume the anti-scientific Republican position of ignoring statistical sampling procedures, minorities and the poor will once again be undercounted. Not only will this result in billions of dollars in federal aid diverted from urban areas, but it will perpetuate the disenfranchising of minority groups that has been the key to Republican political success.

Because we already have a professional census director, Bush’s reasons for shifting control of the census to his former campaign chair can only be seen as political. I am heartened to see that the city of Los Angeles has taken the lead in filing a lawsuit to end this divisive and racist ploy.