City's Tribute to a President

Re: "Simi Seeks to Improve Image" June 22, 2001.

Hurrah for the Simi Valley City Council members, who want to identify forever their city with one of our noblest presidents. Their proposed slogan, "Home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library," will indeed add distinction to a community already much admired as the site of the first, rational trial of the recalcitrant, combative Rodney King. Perhaps they could add to their slogan the declaration that "We support the forces of law and order!"

Too bad that some, such as the president of the local NAACP chapter, see enforcement of law and order as evidence of racial bias rather than seeking for, and insistence on, lawful behavior.

We admire you, Simi Valley, as a pool of serenity in a turbulent sea.

T. Bruce Graham

Port Hueneme

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