Reader Puts Bryant's Wealth, Mom's Plight in Perspective

I read with interest "A Champion Plays His Home Court" (Hot Property by Ruth Ryon, June 24) ... the story of Kobe Bryant purchasing a new home for $13.5 million, which includes such extras as caves and a pirate ship on a lagoon.

I couldn't miss the article to the top right ("A Single Mom Seeks a Home and Haven for Her Son" by Diane Wedner, June 24) on the single mom who is an elementary school teacher who doesn't even clear $3,000 a month and may not be able to afford a small home for herself and her autistic son.

While Bryant has reached the American dream for all his hard work, Christine Savella is rying to teach ... children ... and is just as gifted in her field.

Kobe, if you read this article, please try to contribute a little so she can also reach the dream as she teaches our children.


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