Airline Gives Passengers the Power to Change

Travelers holding electronic tickets on a domestic Northwest flight who need to make changes to their plans can now do so online or at one of the airline's E-Service Center kiosks, a spokesman said.

Itinerary changes can be made only within 24 hours of departure, and the traveler will still pay a $75 change fee. Changes to international tickets may not be made online or at a kiosk.

From a personal computer (you need a printer so you can print a boarding pass), go to and move the cursor to "Travel Planner." Go to "View/Change Reservations" on the drop-down menu.

At LAX, travelers can go to one of the kiosks near the Northwest counter, which resemble an ATM, a spokesman said. Northwest also maintains kiosks at San Diego and San Francisco airports, along with 40 other locations.

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