Hang Up and Finish With Your Makeup

Sherry Sanchez lives in Chino Hills

Recent legislation in New York that bans cell phone use while driving is premised on the notion that all drivers must keep both hands on the wheel. As a lifelong adherent of the stick shift persuasion, I note that it is possible to drive while applying lipstick, also sunscreen, mascara, eyeliner and just a hint of blush.

It is also possible to eat a burrito while driving, even if it is necessary to pry the lid off one of those little tubs of salsa and apply it on the burrito, also a squeeze of lime, some jalapenos and maybe a dash of salt.

Where is the legislation to prevent these acts? Are New York legislators asleep at the wheel?

What about driving while retrieving a zip-lock bag of Cheerios that an infant has launched into the back seat? No laws on the books about that?

What about changing clothes while driving? What about the hearing-impaired arguing by sign language while motoring? The New York Legislature fails to address these safety issues entirely.

My friend has a cat that never fails to escape from the cat carrier on the way to the vet. Once out of the box, the cat climbs on my friend's head. Isn't it dangerous to drive down the freeway with a 22-pound Siamese anchored in one's scalp?

Thank God we have these situations addressed by the California Vehicle Code.

We call it reckless driving. Those New York legislators better get on the ball; lives hang in the balance.

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