FBI Director Nominee Called Fit Despite Prostate Cancer

From Associated Press

Robert Mueller, President Bush’s choice as FBI director, has prostate cancer and will undergo surgery within 30 days, Justice Department officials said Friday.

Doctors said they expect Mueller, 56, to fully recover.

Bush and Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft knew of Mueller’s condition when he was chosen for the job, officials said. Mueller told the White House about the cancer in his initial interviews, they said.

Bush was convinced it was caught early and would not hinder Mueller’s ability to serve as FBI director, senior White House officials said.


The information was included in papers Mueller gave to senators who will consider his nomination.

Mueller sent a questionnaire on personal information to the Senate Judiciary Committee reporting his financial worth at $1.77 million.

His assets include nearly $700,000 worth of stock in more than 30 corporations, including IBM Corp. and General Electric Co.; $860,000 in real estate in San Francisco and $100,000 in cars and other personal property.

Dr. Peter Carroll, a prostate cancer specialist in San Francisco who will perform Mueller’s surgery, said Mueller’s prostate and the tissue surrounding it will be removed, and that should take care of the cancer.


“It should not in any way impact his ability to do the job,” said Carroll in an interview. “He is in excellent physical condition.”

There is no evidence the cancer has spread and a 90% chance it will not reappear, he said.

Mueller is not expected to have radiation treatment or chemotherapy.