No Hanks

Thanks to Natalie Nichols' piece on Tiffany Anders ("This Alt-Rock Career Break Is Brought to You by Mom," July 8), I finally understand why Tiffany's mother's 1996 film, "Grace of My Heart," is the worst rock 'n' roll movie ever made.

Although "Grace" took place in the late '50s and the 1960s, Tiffany was hired as its "music consultant" even though she wasn't born until the 1970s. I guess that's why a black 1958 doo-wop group harmonized like Boyz II Men circa 1985 (maybe Tiffany's dyslexic and got her digits switched), and everything else sounded drearily and ponderously like Elvis Costello in his 1990s Beverly Hills period.

Worse, "Grace" was released at the same time as Tom Hanks' "That Thing You Do!," a period rocker that got everything right.



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