Jury System Held in Contempt

The problem is not employers who won't pay employees for jury duty (July 18). The problem is that too many lawsuits without merit are being heard. Anyone who has been on jury duty understands the inefficiency and time wasted, as well as the ridiculous civil cases that get to trial.

When judges complain that businesses are primary users of the court system, note how often those businesses are unwilling defendants. There is no downside for the plaintiff who sues a company, government entity or other "deep pockets" target if the attorney is paid on a contingency basis. More discretion in this matter would help with not only juror availability but court overcrowding.

John Crowley

Redondo Beach


Companies that refuse to pay for the lengthy jury service of their employees are doing the public the service of reminding the courts to make jury service less lengthy.

Irina Gronborg

Solana Beach

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