Teen Expelled for Knife in Prom Garb

From Associated Press

An honor student who wore a knife to his prom as part of a Scottish outfit avoided possible suspension by agreeing not to return to his high school for a semester, school officials announced Tuesday.

Under an agreement with the school, Jeremy Hix, 16, will take college classes until he is allowed to return for the second half of the school year.

"I feel that this was the best option that was presented to us," Hix said. "Expulsion won't be on my record, so I won't have anything to explain."

He will be allowed to attend school functions, including dances and sports events, during the semester he does not attend. Hix also agreed not to keep any weapons, including the knife.

Hix was ejected from the prom and expelled from school for the remainder of his junior year after a chaperon spotted the knife.

Hix has said that the knife he wore in his sock was not a weapon but part of his Scottish regalia, which included a feathered cap and a kilt in his family tartan. Hix, who plays the bagpipes, spent two years assembling the outfit.

Under Michigan law, he could have been suspended for the school year.

"We're glad that it's over and the resolution is fair and reasonable," school board President John Malatinsky said.

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