Reporting a Crime

The only "crime" involved in the Travel Insider of July 1 ("Car Theft, Violent Crime Rates Are Up in Europe"), which was faxed to me, is that it took up valuable space.

The average unsophisticated American traveler is already paranoid, and this sort of article makes it worse.

I have sold European travel to American citizens for almost 30 years. During my 20 years in the United States, I have traveled back to Europe at least 100 times after living there for 34 years. The only danger I've ever felt is when I leave from or return to Los Angeles. I live a mere 90-minute freeway drive from L.A., and I wouldn't be caught near the place.

Maybe certain crimes are up in some European countries, but why not try putting the fear into all those families planning to visit Southern California attractions by quoting crime statistics here? Why not try to make everyone who reads the Los Angeles Times afraid to go anywhere? The public could then lock themselves in their homes and spend their waking hours reading more of this rubbish.

Thank goodness I live in Temecula, never read a newspaper and live my life the way I want to.



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