IRS Sets Rebate Check Timeline

From Associated Press

To determine when their rebate checks will arrive, taxpayers need only check the last two digits of their Social Security numbers, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

For married couples filing jointly, the first Social Security number on the tax return will be used, the IRS said. Taxpayers need only wait for the mail and do not have to take any action, the agency said.

The numbers and dates are:

00-09: Week of July 23.

10-19: Week of July 30.

20-29: Week of Aug. 6.

30-39: Week of Aug. 13.

40-49: Week of Aug. 20.

50-59: Week of Aug. 27.

60-69: Week of Sept. 3.

70-79: Week of Sept. 10.

80-89: Week of Sept. 17.

90-99: Week of Sept. 24.

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