Cartoon on AIDS Is 'Callous, Cruel'

The Michael Ramirez cartoon (Commentary, June 7) implying that all AIDS cases are the result of drug abuse and/or promiscuity is unconscionable. What about Elizabeth Glaser, Ryan White and all the other AIDS victims who contracted the virus through blood transfusions and other means that have nothing to do with drug abuse or promiscuity? And should we really be any less concerned about those who may have contracted AIDS as the result of lifestyle choices, whatever they may be?

If The Times wants to employ a political cartoonist whose opinions are somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun, so be it. However, couldn't you find one who has at least a shred of humanity and compassion?

Steve Fisher



Ramirez's cartoon marking 20 years of human devastation by the AIDS virus was, bar none, the most callous, cruel and vicious doodle I've seen beyond the graffiti-smeared stalls of filthy public restrooms.

John Heaner

Valley Village

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