Long Live Al's Bar

Shaking this town's freshman blues sure ain't easy, that's why I'll never forget the first time I poked my head into Al's Bar. The art-damaged rock 'n' roll refuge in downtown L.A. opens its tattooed arms to even the most clueless neophytes. It's where I made my first friends and where I learned the fine art of bathroom hovering (a necessary skill for a budding club girl). The building Al's Bar operates from is being sold, but according to owner Marc Kreisel, it's too early to hold any candlelight vigils. There are no immediate plans to close the bar. I'm verklempt at just the thought. Al's Bar is a sanctuary.... Speaking of sanctuary, the Cult's show at the Whisky last week had such fans as Nicolas Cage, Rosanna Arquette, Steve Jones and the Hansons (!) cozying up to the veteran rockers. Super stoked they're back....

Heidi's hot rock tips: Leisure, a band managed by the Papa Roach camp--so fine they blew my mind at a recent Viper Room gig; Autolux, a trio everyone's yappin' about; and Elemental, a young rock outfit that sounds like a hyped-up hybrid of Perfect Circle, Incubus and Papa Roach. Oh yeah, L.A. rawks!

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