Optical Disc Firm Rolls Out New Unit

In an effort to tap into the fast-growing digital video disc market, Los Angeles-based Ritek Global Media has opened a DVD-authoring facility in Glendale.

A maker of discs for video, music and software, Ritek has formed a new division, Ritek Digital Studios, which specializes in multimedia software development.

The Digital Studios division will offer a suite of DVD services, from converting movies into digital format to developing navigational menus and Web links.

U.S. consumers last year spent $4 billion on DVD movies, a 300% increase over 1999. Experts predict DVD sales will continue to grow as more consumers convert from watching films on videotape to the DVD format.

Ritek Global Media is the U.S. subsidiary of Taiwan-based Ritek Global Corp., a maker of optical discs, which are the hard, round, metallic units onto which digitized music or video is stored.

Ritek owns two plants in Ontario and another in Industry.

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