Coping with Suicide's Aftershocks

Thomas Curwen's article on suicide was published on the second anniversary of my brother's suicide ("Psychache," June 3). Curwen [raised] the same [questions] that my family and I face every day: Why? What could I have done? What didn't I do? Curwen looked at all of the aspects of the suicide victim's motives--mental illness, depression, alcoholism and even the right to die. But he never addressed the victims directly. So to all those who are contemplating suicide, I say this: Please don't do it. Those of us left behind will forever pick up the shattered pieces you've left us. I think of my brother's suicide every single moment of every single day. I would give anything to have him back. Suicide provides no answers. It only creates more agony and sorrow than the heart can take.

Leslie Perea



Please tell Curwen that his article was superb.

Doris N. Finck

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