A Good Night's Sleep in Manhattan, Customized

The Benjamin, a suite hotel in Manhattan, is offering a "sleep guarantee": If you don't sleep well, the management will refund the price of your night's stay. And to back it up they've hired a "sleep concierge."

The hotel hasn't had to refund any money under the program, offered since March, says John Moser, general manager. What about chronic insomniacs? "We would refund them too," he insists.

To forestall that possibility, the hotel offers such sleep aids as 5-foot-long body cushions, pillows stuffed with magnets (for "magnetic therapy"), specially designed beds and aromatherapy products. About the only things that might keep you up are the rates, starting at $390 per night. The hotel is on East 50th Street at Lexington Avenue. Tel. (212) 715-2500.

Compiled by JANE ENGLE

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