Efficient Traffic Lights Help City Get a Rebate

From Times Staff Reports

Replacing old traffic lights with energy-saving light emitting diode traffic signals, known as LEDs, has earned the city a $507,500 rebate, officials said Tuesday.

As part of a program established by the state Public Utilities Commission that encourages the replacement of incandescent traffic lamps, Southern California Edison presented a check to Huntington Beach. where The City Council approved funding in March to buy 4,800 LEDs. Since then, city crews have installed new red and green lamps, and replaced pedestrian signals at each of the city's 116 traffic lights. LEDs also were installed at all flashing yellow and flashing red beacons.

LEDs use only 7% of the energy required by incandescent lamps. Officials estimate that they will save the city about $400,000 a year.

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