Ballpark Trek Diary Heads to Hall of Fame

From Times Staff Reports

Dodger fan Rea Wilson has been honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where "Rea's Baseball Trek 2000" was added to the shrine's library, the foremost baseball research center in the world.

Wilson, 78 and a Seal Beach resident, embarked on an 18,000-mile baseball odyssey last year, driving alone in a van to visit all 30 Major League parks.

Sometimes bullying her way into a free ticket and free parking at the parks she visited, Wilson kept a daily journal of her three-month trip.

Wilson, a Dodger season ticket holder for 28 years, was "blown away" by the honor. "I took the back seats out of the van and put a mattress and sleeping bag instead. This honor makes sleeping in the van worth it," she said.

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