Some Curves More Dangerous Than Others

Everyone knows that drinking and driving don't mix, but how about sex and driving?

Formula One drivers Nick Heidfeld and Kimi Raikkonen have been ordered to abstain from sex from Thursdays of race week until after the race Sunday.

"In my experience, it helps when you are concentrating on the car not to have any distractions," Saubers team chief Peter Sauber said. "When you have problems on the car that need working on and take up time, it is difficult when you have girlfriends waiting for them."


Trivia time: Who was the first European-trained player to be named MVP in the NHL?


Car status: When Bill Mazeroski was asked how he felt about joining baseball's elite in the Hall of Fame, the former Pittsburgh Pirate second baseman said, "I drove a Ford or a Chevy. The Hall of Famers drove Caddies."


Takes one to know one: Mario Lemieux, who proved it can be done, believes that Michael Jordan will be the next sports superstar to return to action. Lemieux was out 3 1/2 years before rejoining the Pittsburgh Penguins this season.

After talking with Jordan, the NHL great said, "It would be great to have Michael Jordan come back if he chooses to do so. When he comes back, he's going to be the best in the game."


Nadia the Yankee: Nadia Comaneci, after learning the ways of the U.S. while living with husband and fellow gymnast Bart Conner, has opened a ritzy, American-style bar and grill in downtown Bucharest, Romania.

The 170-seat nightspot is called Champions and features big-screen TVs and sports memorabilia. Waiters wear black-and-white striped referee shirts.

A margarita costs $4.80 and a bowl of guacamole $3.90. The average wage in Romania is $100 a month.


Money talks: When the University of North Dakota considered changing the school's nickname from the Fighting Sioux to appease Native American students, former North Dakota hockey player Ralph Engelstad said he would cancel his $100-million pledge to fund the school's new hockey arena.

The Fighting Sioux will remain. That still sounds better than North Dakota's original nickname--the Flickertails.


Myopic Mark: Mark Martin, driver of the Viagra Ford in Winston Cup racing, was asked which team he liked to win the NCAA basketball tournament.

"I never watch basketball, so I don't know who is good, or who is a favorite," he said, "so I don't know much about it but [teammate] Jeff Burton told me to say Duke."


Towels, anyone? When a condom manufacturer bought sponsorship rights to the Cologne Sharks hockey team, it was reported that cameras would shoot commercials from the team's locker room and showers.

Coach Bob Leslie said that players would not be shown naked, but that wasn't good enough for goalie Peppi Heiss, who said, "This cuts into my privacy. If I have to, I'll go shower at home."


Trivia answer: Russian Sergei Fedorov of the Detroit Red Wings in 1994.


And finally: Ballroom dancing has its own world championship and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a legitimate sport, reports the Amateur Athletic Foundation's Sports Letter.

Potential candidates often advertise for partners in Dance News with such notices as "Nikki Richmond, 13 yrs old, 5'4" w.o.s. Hard-working and dedicated, seeks boy partner to continue Junior B/L comps."

Code: w.o.s. means "without shoes."

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