Playboy Will Enter Video Game Market

Times Staff Writer

Playboy Enterprises Inc. has linked with video game publisher Arush Entertainment to produce the first mainstream title that features a Playboy theme.

The game, not due out until 2004, is expected to contain nudity.

The companies are aiming for a “mature” rating that would allow only consumers older than 17 to purchase the title, said Arush spokesman Donald Case.

Participants in the simulation game will play the role of Hugh Hefner, founder of the adult entertainment company, in managing the Playboy business.


Arush, which produced “Duke Nuken: Manhattan Project,” said it would publish the Playboy game for the PC and consoles.

The deal calls for Playboy to license its trademark and help market the game in its magazines and on its Web site. It will not, however, participate in developing the game or share ownership of the title, Case said.

“This deal marks Playboy’s entry into the video game category and is a significant breakthrough for us as we expand the licensing of our brand in the entertainment arena,” said Alex Vaickus, head of Playboy’s licensing arm.

Playboy executives say the company is looking to become more involved in producing games, particularly online games as well as console games.