Partial Transcript of 911 Call by Man Who Found Body


A partial transcript of the 911 call to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department released Friday in which a man reports the discovery of 5-year-old Samantha Runnion’s body in a mountain area. Authorities said it had been edited to remove information about the caller.


CALLER: Oh my God, I found a dead body. Please hurry. OK? I’m in the Ortegas, OK? Ortega mountains. I’m in Riverside County, OK? Listen to me, I’m scared to sit here, there’s another truck up the street and we want to get out of here. We’re scared.

DISPATCHER: I understand that, we have to know what street.

CALLER (to companion): Stop man, stop. Listen I gotta hear her....

I’m on Killen Trail. It’s a main street, there is another main street but the big street out here, K-I-L-L-E-N Trail.


DISPATCHER: OK and what is your name?

CALLER: My name is Justin.... Hey, can I go to my house? I’m really nervous right now.

DISPATCHER: Justin, what is your address?

CALLER: I don’t know my address there. I just moved in there like a couple weeks ago with my friends.... They let me move into their barn.

DISPATCHER: Justin, Justin we need you to calm down a little....

CALLER: Hey my phone’s cutting out. I’m going to my house right now.

DISPATCHER: That’s OK. How soon will it be until you get to your house?

CALLER: I’m pulling into my gated community.... If I just call 911 there, will I just get back to you?


CALLER: I’m sorry, but I have a 3-year-old son.

DISPATCHER: You have a 3-year-old son with you? Justin, hey, hey was it an adult? Was it an adult’s body?

CALLER: It’s a baby. I think it may even be the little girl that’s been on the news. It’s a little girl. I swear. We just looked and as soon as we seen, I left. I don’t know what to do.


CALLER: You guys are supposed to pick me up or something so I could show you where to go....

DISPATCHER: OK, where exactly are you at right now?

CALLER: I’m out by the front gate, so you guys will have to drive (unintelligible).

DISPATCHER: He’s on the way right now.

CALLER: I’m freaking out, man. I’m sorry, but this is the scariest [expletive] I’ve ever witnessed in my life, OK?