Pitying the Nonbelievers

I read James Ricci’s column “Memories of a ‘Collapsed Catholic’ ” (Metropolis, May 5) after coming back from church. The first thing I felt was anger, then disgust, then pity. I pity all of the people who think the way Ricci does. People like him allow the misdeeds of a couple of priests who broke their oath to corrupt their faith. It is sad that people who are so empty inside allow themselves to be persuaded by the actions of a couple of priests. Catholicism and religion should not be left behind because of the misdeeds of a follower. It is sad to see that so many people have become followers and not leaders when it comes to religion. Perhaps it is good that Ricci is no longer Catholic, because the church needs true believers and leaders with their own thoughts and opinions.

Maria Luz Jaimes

Santa Ana