Aztlan Fest Offers a Daylong Mix of Rock Styles

Aztlan Fest 2002, the third annual gathering of rock en espanol bands from California and Mexico, drew a small but energetic crowd Saturday to the parking lot of the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. The daylong festival featured an array of musical styles, from head-banging heavy metal to punk, ska and hip-hop.

The bill featured some two dozen groups, including Flattbush, the multiethnic Filipino/Anglo/Chicano band from Wilmington, and Nocturne, considered the Mexican Marilyn Manson of East L.A.

Among the other groups: Garrobos, a thrash metal outfit from Mexico City; Ankla, a tropical metal fusion featuring a former member of Puerto Rico's Puya; and Bye Sami, a Tijuana band about to release a new album on L.A.'s new SourPOP Records.

The bands played continuously on two stages, named Pyramid of the Sun and Mictlan the Underworld. This year's festival also featured Mexican wrestling in a small, separate ring.

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