Jaguar Players Suffer Burns From Fondue

From Associated Press

Jacksonville Jaguar kicker Jaret Holmes and punter Chris Hanson were severely burned when a fondue pot slipped and overturned.

Both players have recovered from the accident, which occurred while they were cooking at Hanson’s home earlier this month.

Hanson sustained first- and second-degree burns on both hands and his right ankle. He punts with his left foot. Hanson said Holmes also sustained severe burns.


Hanson’s wife, Kasey, sustained second- and third-degree burns that required skin grafts. She also has recovered.

“It happened so fast,” Hanson told the Florida Times-Union. He said they were moving the fondue pot when it slipped onto the tile floor in his house.

“Then, my wife fell into it,” Hanson said. “I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s been quite an ordeal.”

Hanson made the Jaguars’ roster as a free agent last season and had a 37.1-yard net average.

Holmes, who signed with the Jaguars late last season as a kickoff specialist, is one of three kickers competing to replace Mike Hollis.

Both are expected to be fully recovered when training camp begins July 25.

Neither plans any more fondue meals.

“We’ve already thrown out the pot,” Hanson said.