Play by Play


GIANTS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Kenny Lofton popped to short. Aurilia flied to center. Darren Baker is at the game. Jeff Kent lined a single to center that almost took Kevin Appier’s head off. Bonds was walked intentionally. Santiago fouled to short. No runs, one hit, two left.

ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- For all of you having World Series parties at home, Fox apologizes for putting the Bud Light “Bug guts in teeth” commercial on so early. That ad is the reason you have so much onion dip left over today. David Eckstein flied to left. Darin Erstad grounded to second. Tim McCarver’s scouting report on Russ Ortiz says “Dances Through Raindrops.” Which isn’t helpful if you’re a baseball fan, but is the title of the next Kevin Costner movie. Tim Salmon grounded to third. No runs, no hits.



GIANTS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- J.T. Snow flied to center. It takes home plate umpire Tim McClelland about five minutes to give a strike call. Reggie Sanders struck out swinging. David Bell struck out. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- They just showed the John Hancock commercial with the scheming wife who is encouraging her husband to buy more life insurance. Garret Anderson flied to deep center. Ortiz came inside with a pitch and knocked Troy Glaus down. That is the second time the Giants have done that to Glaus in two games. The Angels should take note and do the same thing to Bonds. Glaus walked. Brad Fullmer hit a broken-bat pop fly to short. Fullmer hit Santiago on the glove hand with his backswing. Scott Spiezio flied to center. No runs, no hits, one left.


GIANTS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Shawon Dunston flied to right. Lofton tried to bunt for a hit, but Glaus charged in and threw him out. Glaus made a tough play look easy. Aurilia walked. Kent popped to short. No runs, no hits, one left.


ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Dusty Baker was interviewed and basically laughed about the whole incident with his son in Game 5. It’s always funny when your kid escapes serious injury. “Excuse me, Mr. Baker? We’ve found another baby-sitter for Friday, thanks though.” Bengie Molina flied to right. Adam Kennedy struck out swinging. Fox asked Eckstein how tall he really is. It was a short interview. Eckstein grounded to short. No runs, no hits.


GIANTS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Bonds walked. Santiago grounded into a 5-4-3 double play. Snow grounded to second. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Erstad grounded to second. Salmon hit a grounder into the hole at short, Aurilia bounced his throw to first and Snow was unable to come up with it. There goes the no-hitter. Anderson grounded into a 4-6-3 double play. No runs, one hit, none left.



GIANTS: Giants 3, Angels 0 -- You can’t rip the Fox “FanCam” today, because they played a Bruce Springsteen song with it. Kudos to Fox. Sanders popped to short. Bell got an infield hit to short. Dunston homered to left. There are a lot of Giant fans in attendance at Edison Field. Lofton doubled to right-center. Francisco Rodriguez pitching. Appier was none too pleased about Scioscia’s taking him out, saying words you really shouldn’t say with Darren Baker in attendance. He threw some stuff in the dugout too. So it appears the Giants aren’t the only ones with children in their dugout. Lofton stole third. With the infield in, Aurilia grounded to short. Eckstein was about 50 feet from first and still threw it with an arc. Moments after McCarver told everyone how valuable Molina is, he lazily tried to backhand a pitch in the dirt and it got by him for a wild pitch. Lofton scored. Three runs, three hits.

ANGELS: Giants 3, Angels 0 -- Glaus flied to the center-field fence. Fullmer flied to right. Spiezio grounded to first, pitcher covering. No runs, no hits.



GIANTS: Giants 4, Angels 0 -- Barry Bonds homered to right. You can hear people turning the channel all across America. It took Bonds 37 minutes to circle the bases. It’s obvious why there are so many kids in the Giant dugout. People dislike the Giants so much, they can’t even find someone to watch their kids. Snow singled to left. Sanders struck out. Bell fouled to first. One run, two hits, one left.

ANGELS: Giants 4, Angels 0 -- Molina flied to right. Kennedy singled to center. Eckstein grounded to short, Kennedy to second. Erstad walked. Salmon took strike three. How do you take strike three in that situation? No runs, one hit, two left.


GIANTS: Giants 5, Angels 0 -- Dunston popped to second. Lofton singled to right. Lofton stole second on a pitchout. Molina’s throw bounced into center, so Lofton continued to third. Aurilia struck out looking. Kent singled to center, Lofton scoring. It appears that the hitters have caught up to Rodriguez, something for the Angels to keep in mind next season. Bonds struck out swinging. One run, two hits, one left.


ANGELS: Giants 5, Angels 3 -- Anderson grounded to second. Glaus singled to left. Fullmer singled to right, Glaus to second. Felix Rodriguez pitching. After fouling off several two-strike pitches, Spiezio homered to right. A great, great at-bat by Spiezio, who has been the MVP for the Angels all postseason. Orlando Palmeiro, batting for Molina, struck out. Scott Eyre pitching. The star of “John Doe” is at the game. It must be just coincidence that his show airs on Fox. Kennedy singled to left. Tim Worrell pitching. Eckstein flied to right. Three runs, four hits, one left.


GIANTS: Giants 5, Angels 3 -- Brendan Donnelly pitching. Jose Molina catching. Santiago walked. Snow flied to center. Sanders struck out. Bell struck out. No runs, no hits, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 6, Giants 5 -- Erstad homered to right. Salmon singled to center. Rally monkey! Rally monkey! Chone Figgins ran for Salmon. Anderson singled to left, Bonds kicked the ball, allowing Figgins to take third and Anderson second. Robb Nen pitching. Glaus doubled to left, Figgins and Anderson scored. The crowd is going crazy! After just missing a double by inches, Fullmer struck out swinging. Spiezio was walked intentionally. Jose Molina sacrificed. Kennedy struck out. Three runs, four hits, two left.



GIANTS: Angels 6, Giants 5 -- Troy Percival pitching. Alex Ochoa to right. Dunston checks out. Tom Goodwin, batting for Dunston, struck out swinging. That’s the Tom Goodwin Dodger fans remember. Lofton fouled to third. Aurilia struck out swinging. No runs, no hits.

-- Houston Mitchell