GIANTS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- Kenny Lofton hit a ball that deflected off John Lackey to Adam Kennedy, who threw him out. Jack Lazorko would have fielded the ball cleanly. Rich Aurilia struck out, Bengie Molina throwing to first for the out. Jeff Kent flied to right. No runs, no hits.

ANGELS: Angels 0, Giants 0 -- David Eckstein walked. Darin Erstad sacrificed. Tim Salmon walked. Garret Anderson flied to center, Eckstein was doubled off second, Terrible baserunning by Eckstein, who seemed to think ball would drop. No runs, no hits, one left.



GIANTS: Giants 1, Angels 0 -- Barry Bonds lined to Eckstein, who, with an infield shift on, was on the second base side of the infield. Benito Santiago singled just past a diving Eckstein. Between innings, Livan Hernandez had a few choice words for plate umpire Jerry Crawford. Too bad for Livan that Eric Gregg is no longer umpiring. J.T. Snow singled to right center, Santiago took third. Reggie Sanders flied to left, Santiago scoring. David Bell struck out. One run, two hits, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 1, Giants 1 -- Troy Glaus struck out. Brad Fullmer flied to left center. The Edison Field crowd is unbelievably loud. Doesn’t Dusty Baker ever worry that he is going to inhale and choke on his toothpick? Kids, don’t try that at home. Scott Spiezio walked. Bengie Molina doubled to left center, Spiezio scoring. If the ball had bounced about six inches higher, it would have been a ground-rule double and Spiezio would have had to stop at third. Kennedy flied to center. One run, one hit, one left.


GIANTS: Angels 1, Giants 1 -- Pedro Feliz grounded to third. Lofton grounded to first, unassisted. Aurilia flied to left. No runs, no hits.


ANGELS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Eckstein singled to left, Bonds kicked it but not far enough for Eckstein to advance. The U.S. soccer team could learn a thing or two from Bonds. Erstad singled to left. Bonds fielded it cleanly! Eckstein to second. Salmon was hit on the right hand by a pitch. That’s gonna leave a mark. Bases are loaded. Dusty Baker finally makes the call to get someone up in the Giant bullpen. Why did he wait so long? Anderson cleared the bases with a double down the right-field line. Glaus was walked intentionally. Chad Zerbe pitching. Fullmer grounded to short, Glaus was forced at second. Spiezio grounded to third, Anderson was thrown out at home. Anderson was ducking and seemed to shy away from any contact. Way to take one for the team. Molina grounded to second. Three runs, three hits, two left.


GIANTS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Kent struck out looking. With the infield shift on again, Bonds hit a grounder to the left side, Glaus, the only Angel on the left side, dived for the ball, but was unable to throw out Bonds, who actually hustled up the first-base line. Santiago singled to center. Snow flied to center. Sanders flied to right. Salmon caught the ball two steps in front of the warning track, and Joe Buck described it as a “popup.” No runs, two hits, two left.

ANGELS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Woody from “Toy Story” pitching. No, that’s Kirk Rueter. Kennedy struck out swinging. Eckstein flied to left. Erstad struck out. No runs, no hits.



GIANTS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Bell flied to short left center, Erstad made a great diving catch. If Erstad doesn’t win a Gold Glove this season, they should stop handing out the award. Pedro Feliz struck out swinging. Why is Feliz in the lineup? Didn’t Shawon Dunston homer last night? Lofton walked. Spiezio saved a bad pickoff throw to first. Aurilia flied to right. No runs, no hits, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Salmon grounded to short. Anderson grounded to first. Pierce Brosnan is at the game. Who better to have at World Series Game 007? Glaus walked. Fullmer grounded to the pitcher. No runs, no hits, one left.



GIANTS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Brendan Donnelly pitching. Nice game by Lackey. He did his job. Kent grounded to third. Bonds popped to Eckstein, who again was on the second base side of the infield. Santiago was behind, 0 and 2, but drew a walk. Nice at-bat. Snow doubled to right, Santiago to third. Tom Goodwin is batting for Reggie Sanders. Sanders must be thrilled. Because Goodwin has a much better chance at hitting the three-run homer. What’s Baker thinking? Goodwin struck out. No runs, one hit, two left.

ANGELS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Goodwin to right. Spiezio popped to short right, Goodwin made the catch. Molina doubled off the right-field wall. Kennedy grounded to second, Molina to third. Eckstein hit a line drive that Kent dived and caught. Nice play. No runs, one hit, one left.


GIANTS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Bell flied out to the left-field fence. Feliz struck out swinging. Lofton flied to the fence in right-center. No runs, no hits.


ANGELS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Ahead in the count 3 and 0, Erstad went back to his home run swing and grounded to second. Salmon took a called strike three. The kid from “Malcolm in the Middle” is at the game. What channel is that on? Anderson flied to center. No runs, no hits.


GIANTS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Alex Ochoa to right. Francisco Rodriguez pitching. Aurilia struck out on three pitches. Kent struck out swinging. Seven pitches, two strikeouts. Bonds walked. Santiago struck out swinging. No runs, no hits, one left.

ANGELS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Longtime Angel fan John Travolta is at the game with Michael Eisner. Christopher Lloyd already has the “Angels in the Outfield” sequel locked up. Tim Worrell pitching. Glaus struck out. Fullmer hit a grounder down the first-base line and Snow made an outstanding diving play and flipped to Worrell covering. There have been some great defensive plays throughout this Series. Spiezio popped to third. Only one more inning of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Dry your eyes, America. No runs, no hits.



GIANTS: Angels 4, Giants 1 -- Troy Percival pitching. Snow singled to right. Goodwin grounded into a 4-6 force. Goodwin took second on defensive indifference. Bell walked. Tying run at the plate. Tsuyoshi Shinjo, batting for Feliz, struck out swinging. Lofton flied to center. No runs, one hit, two left. As Vin Scully would say, in the year of the improbable, the impossible has happened. The Angels have won the World Series.