North Dakota’s history, beauty

I was thrilled to see the article on Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota [“Roosevelt’s Home on the Range,” July 20]. I am a native of North Dakota, and my heart will always be there. It was great to see the state reflected in a positive light instead of as some place almost off the planet. The colors in the Grand Canyon may be beautiful, but the colors in Theodore Roosevelt Park are beyond description.

The article did not mention that the Maah Daah Hey Trail now connects both units of the park [through Little Missouri National Grassland] and can be taken by horseback and hiking. This gives an opportunity to see backcountry rarely seen by other visitors.

The people are friendly and eager to help a visitor.

Besides the natural beauty of the park, along with its history, there are several museums and towns that reflect the pioneer spirit. They are in Watford City and Alexander.


Norma Mae Biel

Temple City