College Admission Takes More Than High SATs

Re "Against the Odds Is How They Have Prevailed," Oct. 24:

Congratulations to Sara Coulous and Damon Witts, and to all of their colleagues, upon their admission to UC Berkeley. The SAT has always been (well before affirmative action was initiated) only one of the considerations used in considering admissions. This is stated within the application packet to the University of California. Listen up: The SAT is one test, given on one day. Students from backgrounds that have denied them a superior education or access to purchased test preparation can be equally successful in a university setting, as well as after graduation. Surprise! Application review officials are aware of this and have the training and skills to make the best possible decisions. They are to be applauded, not attacked.

Giving weight to other admissions factors has not arisen from any type of quota system, or from lowering an imagined bar of excellence in order to "let in" children of other races or ethnicities. These students are not inferior in any way. Students with higher SATs who have not gained admission and their families need to gracefully accept their disappointment and plan accordingly. Their children too are much more than the sum of their SAT scores.

Patricia Rivard

Santa Ana

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