U.S. Should Take Care of North Korea Now

While the U.S. is "Chasing Phantoms Across Afghanistan" (Dec. 29), we are letting the real enemy get away -- North Korea. Now is the time to concentrate our forces and hit North Korea. When it's over, give what's left to China to appease the Chinese and have them keep their hands off South Korea. President Bush seems only able to go after the weak little guy on the playground. That's typical of a bully.

Waiting to see what North Korea will achieve in the next few months is just plain stupid. Hit them now. You want a war so badly -- go after this one. After all, it has never really been over. Use your military experts to handle this. Finish North Korea once and for all. Don't announce every move. Then leave Afghanistan and Iraq alone. Get new advisors and take care of business here at home. And please don't run for president again.

Penny Hayes

Long Beach

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