Vonda ShepardSinger-songwriter-actress is best known for music...

Vonda Shepard

Singer-songwriter-actress is best known for music heard on "Ally McBeal" and has a new album, "Chinatown."

" 'I Love Lucy' is my all-time favorite, without a doubt. Lucy could go from being androgynous to doing something wacky and silly, and she could be pretty hot. I modeled my humor after her. So when 'Ally McBeal' did some bits that referenced Lucy, that's when I really loved working on the show.

"Today all I watch is sports on TV. It's basketball right now. My teams? Well, it's pretty much just the Lakers.

"Occasionally I'll turn on AMC or Bravo, and watch either a documentary or old black-and-white movies and the old musicals with Gene Kelly. I may watch the musical guest on 'Letterman' just to catch up, and my stepdaughter watches MTV, so I see a little of that when I'm passing through the room."


Nia Peeples

Actress in "Half Past Dead."

"My friends call me Lucy, so I can completely relate to 'I Love Lucy.' Now I don't watch much TV, but I'll tune into CNN for the reality and then I immediately turn on the Cartoon Network. My favorite show is 'Courage the Cowardly Dog.' He's this dog who lives in the middle of nowhere with his owners. And Courage witnesses all of these bizarre happenings that neither of his owners can see. So he's constantly saving them from abduction or something -- there's all this stuff going on that no one can see but him. It's like he's living in 'The Matrix.' I can totally relate."

-- Lisa Boone and Carolyn Patricia Scott

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