Irrigation District Won't Bow to Federal Pressure

I am outraged by the continued implication that the Imperial Irrigation District is to blame for the feds shutting off excess water to Southern California (Jan. 2). Why is it that the farmers are always the ones expected to give their water to the urbanites? Why wasn't this issue addressed by developers building in the region? Is it constitutional to require the farmers to either sell the water or have it taken from them? It certainly isn't fair.

I don't want to hear anyone who supports this transfer deal complain when they have to pay an exorbitant price for less-fresh imported lettuce next winter because there isn't any available from California farms. I commend those at the IID for refusing to kowtow to the pressures put on them by the federal government and the region's urban interests. It's time, however, they had someone actually present their side of the issue.

Alicia Borgman

Pleasant Grove, Calif.

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