What Are You Watching?

Mindy Sterling


"I love the Monday night lineup when I'm home. I love 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' which is a wonderfully warm and real show. It's grown so much and has become its own show. I remember seeing it in the beginning and it really has a place that it has soared to. I love anything on E! I love 'The E! True Hollywood Story,' the biographies, 'Rank.' I used to be a huge talk-show junkie. My new favorite talk show is 'Dr. Phil.' I love Dr. Phil. He's my guru. Everything he says is gold. I totally agree with him. I want to go on the show and come up with some problem and issue. The man is really smart and taps in to people and has that no-nonsense point of view. What he says is very truthful and honest. I love therapy; its like therapy for me."


Paul Schimmel

MOCA chief curator

"In my household, each member of the family seems to have their favorite channel and I am definitely the HBO person. I love 'The Sopranos,' 'Six Feet Under' -- it's pretty dark with really interesting characters -- and 'The Mind of the Married Man.' I'm a New Yorker originally; I guess that's why those East Coast shows appeal to me. I find myself lately, when I've lost control of the clicker, watching the Food Channel. My wife watches the Food Channel. She actually hates cooking. I ask her, 'Why do you watch the Food Channel?' and she says, 'I love watching other people work.' I travel a lot for the museum. The minute I get overseas I always turn on CNN in the hotel. I leave it on almost the entire time while I'm there. It's this weird electronic lifeline back to the United States."


Garth Fisher

The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon lends his expertise to ABC's "Extreme Makeover" specials

"ABC's 'Monday Night Football' is a great way to start the week -- when my favorite team the St. Louis Rams win. My favorites are sports shows and witty comedies. This season's got NBC's 'Scrubs.' It's hilarious and brings me back to my early days in the medical profession. That Dr. Cox [John C. McGinley] is definitely the best character on television. James Gandolfini is good in the 'The Sopranos.' And of course, I like Al Michaels of 'Monday Night Football.' "


Christy Haubegger

Publisher of Latina magazine

"I try to watch all the Latinos on TV, but that doesn't take more than 90 minutes a week. I wish it took longer. I really like 'American Family,' and I think 'Scrubs' is a lot of fun. A friend of mine TiVos all the opening stuff for Jon Stewart, Letterman and Leno. 'Absolutely Fabulous' makes me laugh out loud. When I grow up, I'll watch '60 Minutes.' I'm 34."

-- Lisa Boone, Dana Calvo and Carolyn Patricia Scott

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