Let Belt-Tightening Start at Davis’ Waste

Re “Davis Warns of ‘Hard Choices,’ ” Jan. 7:

Gov. Gray Davis ushers in the New Year and his second term by proposing to cut teachers’ pensions.

Then, in the next breath, he promises to “create” 500,000 new jobs statewide.

Davis states that “we must tighten our belts without hardening our hearts.”


If Davis practices what he preaches, then the first belt to be tightened should be his own and not that of teachers.

Davis can start his tightening efforts by moving to a modest Sacramento home, driving himself in a modest car, and flying coach like most modest Californians.

Forsaking his pompous, pampered lifestyle would help our deficit tremendously and set a precedent for others to follow.

Russell Niewiarowski


Santa Ana Heights