Police Pursuit Limits Favor the Criminals

Re "Police Panel OKs Limits on Pursuits," Jan. 8: Let me see if I understand this scenario. While I am away on vacation or at work (as are my neighbors), a criminal can break into my home with impunity (nonresponse to alarms by police), steal my cash, jewelry, etc., get into his car and speed off, breaking driving laws with impunity, as the police will not give chase unless it is verified that he is a felon, which they wouldn't know unless he was stopped. Darn! Shouldn't the criminal be required to at least yell out "Safe!" when he starts his vehicle engine? We can all pretend it's a game of tag.

What if, instead of stealing my cash and jewelry, he kidnaps my wife, child or both and speeds off with them forced down on the front floorboard hidden from view by the police? The police don't give chase, believing he is only breaking driving laws. This does happen with frequency. How will the city and taxpayers cope with all the huge lawsuits then? Do criminals have their own lobby? It surely seems like it.

Louis Thompson

Woodland Hills

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