Thai breaker: New film record reported

From Associated Press

A group of Thai moviegoers said it has broken a world record for the longest movie-watching stint.

Eight men and nine women watched 36 films lasting a total of 64 hours and 58 minutes, said Wilada Anuthienchai of JSL Entertainment Group, a production company and event sponsor.

She said they were among 172 Thais who took their seats at Bangkok theaters Friday in a bid for $13,954 in prize money offered by organizers of the Bangkok International Film Festival.

They finished their movie marathon, which included 15-minute breaks after every third film, on Monday morning.

Wilada said festival organizers would forward the results to the London-based Guinness World Records for verification.

Officials from the record-charting agency were not immediately available for comment.

About 150 films from around the world are being screened at the festival, which runs until Jan. 21. It's sponsored by the Thai government and local companies.

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